PUBG Addict Attacked His Fiancee’s Brother With A Knife

PUBG Mobile, since the beginning of 2018, has become the most played game among youngsters. Its addiction on people is so much shadowed that, now before buying the mobile “How does PUBG run?”, The question definitely asks.

A Man Drove His Wife And Son Out Of The House 

However, it has come out as a very good tool for people to entertain. But, there are also some negative aspects that are proven to be very dangerous. One such incident happened in Malaysia, where a person drove his pregnant wife and child out of the house because they were obstructing his game. 

Incident In India, Maharashtra 

One such incident happened in Maharashtra, where a person attacked his fiancée’s brother with a knife because He did not charge his phone. Yes, this incident happened when the bride’s phone was discharged by playing PUBG, so when he asked her fiancé’s brother for a charger, then there was a slight delay in bringing the charger so that the bride got angry and he Stabbed with a knife. Whatever the tales, but it is quite terrible. addiction to PUBG has made the people crazy. its notoriety in India is that the Gujarat government has had to ban it. In view of its rising incidence in India, recently, PUBG’s creator, TENCENT Games, has said that they are going to bring in some such features, which will help people make balance in their real life and gaming

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